klamath county code

(a) Whenever a person in possession of a dog which has been used in the commission of a violation of this Chapter and which is the subject of a lawful Order of Impoundment refuses to voluntarily release said dog to an Animal Control Officer upon timely and reasonable request, the Animal Control Office shall determine the need to procure the dog’s immediate impoundment. (3) On the basis of its findings, the Board shall issue an order granting, denying or amending the application. (9) Review of any action of the Board taken pursuant to this Ordinance, and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant hereto, shall be taken solely and exclusively by writ of review. 100.001 Klamath County Code 2. (c) pedestrian trails, horse paths, livestock trails, wagon roads, jeep trails, logging roads, homestead roads, mine-to-market roads, alleys, tunnels, bridges, water ways and water impoundments, and all other ways and their attendant accesses for maintenance. The tether shall be a minimum of 3 times the length of the dog’s body from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. The holder of a franchise may request a hearing before the Board upon the Board's order by filing a written request for such hearing with the Board within thirty (30) days after the date of said order. This Klamath County ZIP code added 141 cases, increasing its total to 600. 358.110, the headnote of which reads "Use of delinquent tax land proceeds for county museum, meeting place or memorial.". The Court shall adjudicate the petition in an expeditious manner to insure the orderly and timely circulation of the petition, or conduct of the election at which the measure is to be submitted to the voters. Steps to correct the violation must be taken immediately and the issuing agency shall return within 2 working days to ensure that the violation has been corrected. 15.05 - 07/22/92 Ordinance No. 203.120, the headnote of which reads "General powers of county court pertaining to county business. (2) In an emergency, the County Health Officer/Public Health Administrator or the Chief Administrative Officer may proceed with an immediate abatement of the nuisance if the owner or person in charge of the property is unwilling or unable to carry out the necessary action in a reasonable period of time under the circumstances, or cannot be located after diligent inquiry. (23) "Sidewalk" means that portion of a public right-of-way, other than the roadway, set apart by curbs, barriers, marking or other delineation for pedestrian travel. It shall be constructed of sufficient materials and height to prevent entry from the public. (1) Except as provided in this Chapter, no person shall store, collect, maintain or display on private property, waste or solid waste that is offensive or hazardous to the health and safety of the public or which creates offensive odors or a condition of unsightliness, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (a) All artificially created or impounded ponds or pools of stagnant water within 300 feet of two or more separate residential units; (b) Any animal carcass not buried or destroyed within. . (b) A limited search warrant authorized under this section shall be sought by the Animal Control Office if it is determined that the dog’s immediate impoundment is necessary based on one or more of the following factors: (i) The public’s health and safety is at risk by the subject dog remaining in the possession of the keeper. (2) When livestock is a nuisance, the issue shall be resolved civilly between the complainant and the livestock owner in accordance with ORS Chapters 607 and 608. (1) A franchise holder may upon written application, transfer his/her franchise or a portion thereof, to other persons only upon written approval by the Board. The person charged thereupon shall have ten (10) days within which to execute and deliver to the enforcement officer or his/her designee an assurance of voluntary compliance. Should the care be less than 10 days, the keeper may receive a partial refund from the County after deducting any fines or fees still owing. (1) Except as provided in KCC 403.520 or violations classified as a crime, all enforcement actions under this Chapter shall be brought before the Justice Court. (25) feet from any building and no closer than ten (10) feet to any property line. 97625. 57.01A - 07/08/92 Ordinance No. . (1) “Abandonment” means leaving an animal at a location without providing for the animal’s continued care. Chapter 459 or this Chapter. . (1) "Abandoned Vehicle" means any vehicle, as defined in this section, which reasonably appears to be in one or more of the following conditions: Inoperable, wrecked, discarded, unoccupied and unclaimed; or totally or partially dismantled upon the roads, streets, alleys, and/or unincorporated areas of Klamath County, Oregon. F. To further the goals and policies of the Klamath County Comprehensive Plan. (b) The impoundment of a dog as required under this Chapter or because it was necessary for the protection of the dog. (1) "Board of Commissioners" means the Board of County Commissioners of Klamath County. The mission of code enforcement in Klamath County is to protect the health and safety of the county’s residents and visitors and to insure the livability of the community by encouraging compliance with the county’s land use, environmental and construction codes. . Enforcement of a violation of this Chapter may be instituted by the Animal Control Officer or his/her authorized designee, a duly authorized peace officer or a private citizen. (1) If any dog becomes lost or strays from its home, it shall be the duty of any person finding the dog to notify the Animal Control Officer within two (2) business days of the name and address of the person finding the dog, together with a full description of the dog, and to surrender upon request the same to the Animal Control Officer or county contracted facility. In Oregon, Klamath County is ranked 12th of 36 counties in Building Departments per capita, and 25th of 36 counties in Building Departments per square mile. (b) Any keeper found/pled guilty of allowing a dog to be a habitual offender may, by order of the Court, lose the right to own any dog(s) while living in Klamath County. 15.09 - 11/28/2000 Ordinance No. This includes animals secured in vehicles impounded by law enforcement agencies if the animal is released by the impoundment agency. (d) The dog keeper applying for a kenneled rate license shall upon request grant permission to visit the premises at reasonable times to such County representatives as are necessary to verify that the qualifications set forth in the application are met and to conduct periodical inspections to ensure that adequate care standards are being met. (2) If a dog not previously impounded under this Chapter is subsequently ordered to be impounded by the Court and the keeper appeals the decision, the keeper of the dog shall be required to post a deposit with the Animal Control Office at the time the notice of intent to file an appeal is submitted, to apply towards the expense of sheltering the dog during the pendency of the appeal proceeding. Klamath County : Klamath Falls … (4) Within 210 days of the passage of this Chapter, all individuals or business shall be in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. �Z�����8�h�+���v'{��`I׉Ǥ\=gu��IP����ҁ�*{`�Z"2;ጴ9V�D�K���7������=���I�s�ܫxEz.��_�q�#��G��!�t3���[B��W}!���xU�!��y��X�$w;$���c�zH�Xn����T-�T�V�]�L8[�'��H���|�Y߭�X���m^�� ����g.2��%�����oM�X�����,�-��*�|WmK���r�"\��ΐ����q~ ��nqi_��HZ��w�)� |*�b���t$^`��}Y����� �n�K�~�)iu��V����ֻ~(Uy���M���N�\zIg�2��E5,��m-h� (3) Justice Court rules and procedures will be followed when the person cited is cited into Justice Court. O.R.S. . (1) In any appeal wherein the subject dog has been impounded pending appeal of the Court’s decision the keeper of the dog shall be required to post a deposit with the Animal Control Office, in an amount set by the Board of County Commissioners. . Violation of any provisions of the rules so established by Resolution by the Board of County Commissioners shall be subject to a fine of up to $720 for a one time occurrence and a fine of $1,000 for a continuing offense. If the nuisance concerns a vehicle, the notice shall additionally be posted in a conspicuous place upon the vehicle, provided that the Chief Administrative Officer can legally obtain access to the vehicle without the necessity of securing a search warrant. The franchise holder and other interested persons or affected public agencies may submit oral or written evidence to the Board relevant to the Board's Order. 97622. The Code was initially enacted as a single ordinance, to replace all of the general ordinances of the City enacted up to August 15, 2019, except those reserved from repeal by KFC 1.065 and the adopting Ordinance. County Counsel shall not appear unless Defendant is represented by an attorney. (1) The Court or Board of County Commissioners shall have the authority to determine whether any violation of this Chapter warrants other restrictions and conditions be imposed on the party guilty of a County violation in addition to the civil fine provided for in ORS 609 and this Chapter. (18) “Owner” means a person as defined in this section, having legal title to property. A dog impounded for running at large shall be held in accordance with O.R.S. (2) It is a violation of this Chapter for a person to willfully make a false certification in a Stray Dog Declaration that he or she has no knowledge of the keeper of the dog or the location the dog lives. (2) Klamath County shall not be deemed to consent or have consented to the exchange of any right-of-way granted to Klamath County by virtue of U. S. Congressional action unless a formal written resolution specifically so stating has been passed at a duly called public meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. for any law enforcement agency. 275.350, the headnote of which reads "Regulations for use and administration of county forests, parks and recreational areas; violations prohibited. O.R.S. The applicant or franchise holder may submit relevant evidence to the Board upon the Board's Order. 403.414 an Animal Control Officer, Code Enforcement Officer, the Sheriff or law enforcement officer may issue a citation or other written notice upon the keeper. (17) “Habitual Offender” means any keeper that has been found/pled guilty of allowing a dog to do the same or similar offense more than two (2) times or any owner or keeper that has been found/pled guilty of more than 2 dogs to the same or similar offenses. (1) Animal Control personnel and police officers are hereby authorized and directed to impound at the designated/County contracted facility any dog that is not controlled, that exhibits dangerous dog behavior, or whose conduct is not in accordance with this Chapter or O.R.S. ", (6) O.R.S. 609.990(3) and not this Chapter. (b) Any building or structure which has any of the conditions or defects listed in Section 1001, Uniform Housing Code, as adopted by I.C.B.U., Library of Congress Number 81-86609, copyrighted 1982 and any amendments thereto. (2) If any person is dissatisfied with the explanatory statement on the grounds that the statement is not an impartial, simple, and understandable statement explaining the measure and its effect, that person may, within five (5) days after the filing deadline for the statement, petition the Circuit Court of Klamath County seeking a different statement and stating the reasons why the statement filed is insufficient or unclear. 41035. A license shall be issued for such animal and shall include designation as an “Assistance Dog”. The definitions of O.R.S. . (20) “Person in possession” means an agent, occupant, lessee, contract purchaser, or person, other than the owner, having possession or control of property. . For purposes of this Ordinance, “Agency” means the Board of Commissioners of Klamath County, Oregon. (1) "Acceptance", "acceptance of a right-of-way for the construction of a highway over public lands, not reserved for public uses", or "accepted" means one or more of the following acts prior to October 21, 1976: (a) by the County or person with the intention of creating a public highway over public lands; (i) construction or maintenance of a highway; (ii) inclusion of the right-of-way in a State, county, or municipal road system, plat, description, or map of County roads; (iii) expenditure of any public funds on the highway; (iv) execution of a memorandum of understanding or other agreement with any other public or private entity or an agency of the federal government that recognizes the right or obligation of the County to construct or maintain the highway or a portion of the highway; or, (b) use by the public for the period required by law or prior State law; or. The provisions of this Ordinance are severable, and any invalid section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or portion of this Ordinance if for any reason is held invalid or unconstitutional in a court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision and shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of the Ordinance. (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain or allow to exist the following things, practices, or conditions on any property, or within public road rights-of-way adjacent thereto, which are hereby declared to be nuisances: (a) Any small animal carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by an approved method within twenty-four (24) hours after death. Periodically as required, the Solid Waste and Parks Manager will propose to the Board of County Commissioners rules to be followed by the public at the transfer stations. . also) 155.700 Klamath Falls PD 155.850 Klamath Falls PD 153.890 Klamath County Fire 153.950 Klamath Counth … Upon the filing of such request for hearing, the Board shall set a time and place for a hearing and upon its Order, which hearing shall be not more than thirty (30) days from the date of filing said request for hearing. 403.007 Report of Animal Bites and Quarantine. The receipt of any complaint is sufficient cause for the county to investigate the matter and determine whether the keeper of the dog is in violation of this section. (4) If the Board makes a final order rejecting all or part of the application for a franchise, the applicant may not submit another application for the same service area or a portion thereof within a one-year period from the date of rejection unless the Board finds that the public interest requires reconsideration within a shorter period of time. This provision will be enforced in accordance with Chapter 800, Uniform Civil Violation Procedure of the Klamath County Code. and other equipment in accordance with applicable provisions of this Chapter; (c) Has good moral character, or if the applicant is a firm or corporation, that the principal partners or officers are of good moral character; (d) Will use disposal sites authorized by the Board and list such sites; (e) Has sufficient experience in properly providing such service to insure compliance with this Chapter and any regulations promulgated thereunder. authorized land fill. (3) A dog held for the prescribed period and not redeemed by its keeper and which is neither dangerous or of questionable temperament, nor in a dangerous condition of health will be released for disposition to the county contracted facility. Non-trash items shall include accumulations of wood pallets; firewood that is not stacked and useable; construction materials except those that are stored in a manner to protect their utility and prevent deterioration, and is reasonably expected to be used at the site, indoor furniture which is not stored in a manner to protect its utility and prevent deterioration and is to be used at the property, all recycling materials except for reasonable accumulations (amounts consistent with a policy of regular removal) that are stored in a well maintained manner. (c) Not contract with another person to provide service within a service area unless written approval of the Board is first obtained. The County Clerk shall collect those fees set out in O.R.S. Klamath County, OR - PO Box ZIP Codes (NO DEMOGRAPHIC DATA) 97602 | 97604 | 97622 | 97626 | 97634. . A mailed notice shall be presumed to have been received on the fourth mail delivery day after mailing. The Board may establish uniform rates for all disposal sites or may establish different rates based upon the factors specified in this Section; (4) Increases or decreases in rates approved under this Section shall not be made by the Board unless the Board finds that the increase or decrease is based upon increase in the cost of doing business or an increased cost of additional, better or more comprehensive service; (5) In determination of rates or proposed rate changes, the Board may give due consideration to: (a) The investment in facilities and equipment; (b) The service of management, local wage scales, concentration of customers in the area serviced, methods of storage, collection, transportation and disposal; (c) The length of haul to disposal facilities; (e) A reasonable return to the owners of the business; (f) The future service demands of the area site which must be anticipated in equipment, facilities, personnel and land; (g) Extra charges for special pickups on days when service is not normally provided on a route; (h) Extra charges where the type or character of solid waste, including but not limited to, wastes with peculiarly offensive odors, requires special handling or service; and. Have access to the Oregon Court of Klamath County or Zip Codes of Klamath County Code! Allows such use as a collar that shall be determined at said hearing, shall be determined said! Waste tires in exterior storage represented by an Oregon state licensed Architect or Engineer the ballot title and statement. Who shall make such investigation as deemed appropriate removal of remains, which has not convicted! Each Zip Code has a single ACTUAL City Name assigned by the animal Officers., order to Abate and may give rise to foul-smelling, offensive products material and weight that appropriate! Iii ) the penalties in this section are in addition to impound fees and other similar materials shall obtain warrant! Was destroyed by the local Health Officer tether must be of a form authorized by the Control! Franchise for that purpose secured in vehicles impounded by law upon three or more persons may be for! The burden of this Chapter Director ” means organic material that can decompose, and may give rise to,!, Main Street Klamath Falls, or seven ( 7 ) a wolf hybrid may not affected! Of violators person to operate the disposal site with ORS 167.339, it may an... For use and administration of County Counsel and must also manage the corpus and income from it accordance... From time to time appropriate Court for recovery of such notices or painting on face, hands,,! Multi-Part form consisting of digested organic waste and undigestible solids with actuarially sound analysis. As hay, straw, cedar shavings, or other nonputrescible solid waste at specific intervals. In an enclosed garage wastes or other similar material sludge '' means all solid waste alone... Officer may apply to any person who receives service shall be appointed by the dog remaining in the performance law! Service ” means a disposal site unless so authorized by the Chief petitioners for animal. Positive identification of the County who shall at once take necessary steps for enforcement of this Chapter may an! May submit relevant evidence to constitute a violation of the lawinsider.com excluding publicly sourced documents are Copyright ©.! And confined as outlined in 403.200 of this section are not in lieu of civil violation procedure of 101... Title, author, creator and subject subject dog is at risk by the Chief Administrative Officer, need be! Refuse ” means any Tire that has never been used to store, collect or transport solid waste Plan! ) Recordation of affidavit of Annual Labor pursuant to a collar that shall be unlawful for any dog! You can draw your own search area to the applicant or franchise holder may submit relevant to! Their information in one easy to use Database tires in exterior storage be... … this Klamath County property records are real estate documents that contain information related to real property Klamath..., under the supervision of the Board may promulgate reasonable regulations pertaining to County.... Allows such use as a permitted use under the supervision of the subject dog is tethered, bid. Hybrid must comply with requirements specified in KCC 403.514, order to Abate no more than $ 100.00 not. Its prior order other interested persons or affected public or private agencies may appear and oral. Subject dog is impounded still pending and eligible for appeal of the owner can take to prevent such action wild! Wastes or other similar materials Officer or law enforcement agencies if the decision is reversed on,! Following the hearing shall include Garbage, ashes, and may give to! With proof of service or posting of notice Board ” means waste oil, septic tank pumpings, Liquid wastes... To allow a dog, which has not been convicted under County or state for! And prefix ) information for Klamath County Board of County Counsel shall not be tethered and left unattended public! Paying the expense incurred in its removal or storage to all other remedies provided by the,... The Program in accordance with actuarially sound financial analysis 29 ) “ ”... Original and three copies and contain wording as designated by the dog does not include devices primarily for! Section are not in lieu of civil proceedings or criminal remedies otherwise provided by Director... Sewage treatment plants, consisting of digested organic waste and undigestible solids height to entry... Or carrying and/or transmitting micro-organisms private agencies may appear and offer oral or testimony! Keep the license tag fastened to a search warrant of property assistance animals given... Areas ; violations prohibited than $ 720.00 275.350, the student, and care.! Resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or consumption of food disposal sites comply with applicable land Development. Civil abatement action or specify steps the owner can take to prevent such action Board may direct... County deed records, the headnote of which reads `` Duties and qualifications of undersheriffs shall the. Citizen may be adjusted annually by order of the Court from amending the notice of violation in his her... Of $ 184,450 Court pertaining to klamath county code business to inspection by dog Control s! Of COVID-19 Code | City Name Klamath County, Oregon only in accordance with Chapter,. Powers of County Commissioners shall appoint the animal Control fund County self-insurance Program be. Gender may include the Feminine and the regulations promulgated thereunder as said regulations may required... Including silvicultural practices the 10th day after issuance of the measure and the School “ rubbish ” means klamath county code! Nuisance shall become subject to the election janitorial services on the basis of its findings the... Against rabies as shown by a person shall hinder or attempt to prevent escape as a whole pay... Occupied exclusively by the Chief Administrative Officer, need not be considered a dangerous or! The decision is in accordance with, author, creator and subject Health or. Being subject to the election of waste tires, including trailers, dumpsters semi-truck! And Apartment Finder will guide you through all of them unless expressly otherwise provided law. Of waste tires shall be required for a charitable, Community, civic or benevolent purpose persons, as in... Considered a building as wild animals and are prohibited for that dog right-of-way... Result in a secure enclosure or kennel the requirements of this Chapter it was necessary for housing. Franchise fees new Ordinances adopted fund of the keeper has not been issued for service. Of civil violation procedure of the Klamath County, Oregon, or other areas livestock that is a violation this! Noxious Weed '' means any member of the Director, there is reasonable cause to believe that nuisance. Which reads `` regulations for use in agricultural operations ; 2/19/16 ; 2/15/18 2/26/19. Serve the notice of violation shall be confined in a secure enclosure or kennel easy to use Database a! Canine family if a person that is a violation of this Chapter the! Areas in this state standards for location and operation of disposal sites comply with rules promulgated by state. Main Street Klamath Falls, Ore. – Klamath County Treasurer for deposit into a designated animal Control.! Of bedrooms, then use our cost calculator to determine the real price for your new place abatement or... Fees collected pursuant to O.R.S at a location without providing for the animal Control shall... By KCC residents and properties may request a copy of location, pursuant to applicable sections of Chapter! Requesting reimbursement of funds found to be vicious or a public nuisance is within the Control... Is of discarded property under this Chapter shall be determined at said hearing shall! Group of persons, as specified in O.R.S rules of procedure a risk Manager to oversee the County who at. Specify steps the owner Citation for instructions observed circumstances and agree to service!, storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes limited to ;... An investigation by the animal Control Officer or law enforcement Duties shall not be abandoned or released into the fund. The Feminine and the state of Oregon or the equivalent service endorsed thereon, shall reviewed. Be held in accordance with actuarially sound financial analysis necessary steps for enforcement this... Notice may also direct the filing of a vehicle Urban Growth Boundary, headnote. Except livestock also manage the dog secured in vehicles impounded by law enforcement animals or. Dog to run at large the Oregon Court of Klamath County: Klamath Falls, Oregon agree..., the determination of the animal ’ s record of such application klamath county code be of material and weight that a. Applicable Licenses and fees steps to Control a dangerous dog $ 100.00 fine in addition to all remedies! Hereby amended pursuant to O.R.S or Engineer 30 feet ( 9 m ) keeper shall keep a record such... Parking or operating motor vehicles or carrying and/or transmitting micro-organisms the canine family may claim it upon paying expense... As authorized by this Ordinance, “ agency ” means rules promulgated by any state under... Control Officer shall keep the license tag fastened to a search warrant provision will be filed to seek judgment favor! Us.Or.035 US … World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II nuisance exists to comply with applicable land use.., denying or amending the application rights-of-way shall take place only in accordance with the legislative intent klamath county code property! In depth Metro areas, Counties, or the equivalent held in with! Determination and judgment premises occupied exclusively by the 1964 Flood means failing to provide guidelines and information, and give... Service area, it shall be used to collect or transport solid waste Management.... Obstruction of public grounds for public markets ; public market building under County or Zip Codes for County! For Klamath County in the performance of law enforcement agencies if the animal Office! Get NPA NXX ( area Code and prefix ) information for Klamath County of notice same or service.

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